Nigerian Police changes uniform

For a change Nigerian police are moving in the right direction, dishing their 'mechanic like' uniform for a more professional looking combatant camouflage colour. It does look a bit like Ghana's uniform but it is also similar to the Brazilian Police, its style is universal and will carry more respect nationwide

So we say kudos to acting Inspector-General of police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar. I guess the Boko Haram people have woken our police up.''There is need for national rebirth in the Nigeria Police, the era of corruption is over. We will allow competence and merit to take place,” Abubakar declared.

Here is wishing Nigerian police every success!

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Ty Bello said...

Hope the change in uniform heralds change in the NPF.Ranging from their approach, extra judicial killings to illegal road blocking, 'forceful tithe collection', brutalizing manner, haggard appearance, scruffy and reeking clothings and their so nauseating awkward appearance n carriage!

THEY NEED training in Human relations, effective communication skill, hygiene and body fitness training.