Another Nigerian shame, Paedophile Teacher Keith Ogunsola faces jail for rape

I still cant for the life of me understand men and there issues, lately the ones I have been coming across are either transsexual's  and transgenders who want to become women, why is still beyond me, or  fraudsters, like the Ibori's and co or, rapists, like Adeoye who threw all his life away for a 5 minute pleasure.

Today its another disgrace to the UK Nigerian community, in the form of  the not so respectable teacher and father of three Mr Ogunsola, charged with rape of his own student 14 years old. What I don't understand about these people that seem to suffer from the 'R Kelly syndrome' is what exactly is wrong with them mentally, when you know the legal age of sexual conjugation is 16 to 101 and more!, why go for the less than 16 which has a long jail sentence attached to it. Perhaps the enemies of their fathers house followed them from Nigeria, or it is the work of the Devil and not them as they will usually say. 
Here is what the paper said...

A science teacher who groomed a 14-year-old pupil before repeatedly raping her has been told he faces "a very long time" in prison.
Keith Ogunsola, from Banstead, lured his victim to hotels around the country pretending he was going to give her extra science tuition.
Croydon Crown Court heard the 47-year-old started his abuse in January 2001.
When giving the victim a lift, he told her he really fancied her and tried to kiss her.
A month later, he met the student at the former Aerodrome Hotel, in Purley Way, Croydon, where he took her virginity by raping her.
The court heard he then embarked on a three-year secret affair with her, telling his victim to wear skirts with no underwear when they met so it was easier to have sex with her.
The court heard he also booked stays at the Premier Inn and Hilton hotel in Purley Way.

Another family in distraught, bring shame to the wife and children and the community. When will all this stop, when will they learn? Can someone please let me know.

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