Top 3 things to know - If you are getting married 2013!

Marriage is for life, so we pray, so we hope for, however I must tell you now, before you take a blind leap into it. You need to open your eyes wide, no allowance for blindness that my friend is just sweet talk!. If you enter it blindly, I can assure you 100% that you will come out crippled, cause if you cant see how then can you walk.
Point one: Trust God and ask for your heart desire, that is with reality in mind, none of the Pretty woman, Richard Gere, if not you will be worse than Bishop weeks and Juanita Bynams!. It is always God's will to grant your heart desire, so if you want a husband, then it is God's will also. None of that 'Its not God's will'.

Point two: Look for a husband material and vice versa, that means someone with potentials, education, Business, aspirant, intellectual, with goals for the future and plans for future home and children. Where do you see him in 20years time, where does he see himself, is he walking towards it, or is he flipping burgers, with no goals except becoming a night security guard or a cab driver.

Point three: Love yourself first, there are people who are 'married and lonely', don't go into a marriage with the illusion that your husband will make you fulfilled. If you are insecure before you got married, most likely you will still be when married. Get to fall in love with your self first, pamper yourself, admire yourself, have big goals, live your dreams, when you love yourself first, then you can share the love with others.

Never be desperate to marry, never rush into marriage, you are never too late.

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Good luck & I wait for the invite

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