Adieu! my friend Stella Adepoju, hubby creates website to immortalise wife

In remembrance and celebration of a life well spent, a website has been created to allow friends and family to pay tribute to Stella Adepoju who died at the young age of 45. Stella's husband Femi Adepoju said it was the only thing they could do to remind people of who she was, her life, charity and dedication to her country Nigeria. also has a dedicated page to friends and family to pay their tributes.

To me it her passing away reminds me that Life is like a rose that blooms forth in the summer time and shows its wonderful colors of awesomeness and of God's beauty, come winter time the beauty withers, the petals drop dry and shriveled to the ground, swept away by the strong winds only to be remembered perhaps by its pruner.

What is the essence of life?, you come into it one day and gone out soon within the twinkle of an eye. The most wisest and richest King that ever lived in history was Solomon, he said 'Life is vanity and everything in it is meaningless, simply a chasing after the wind!.

You might think you will die today and die tomorrow, you might also think you will live to see your children's children and fate has it not.  What we do know is that every man or woman is born to die. Life is just a marketplace, no matter how much money we have to shop and buy the best money can offer, diamonds, cars and penthouses etc, we still need to leave the shopping mall and go back home eventually.
Question therefore is... 'how long have you got to shop and how long have you got to enjoy the luxuries you purchased, before they become obsolete and out of fashion?.  Everything has an expiry date, every man has one plastered on his or her forehead, be it invisible to the naked eye, it is however still visible to the creator.  The Almighty as you know is the creator and creates all things for a need and a purpose.
Stella Adepoju the loving mother, faithful wife, the politician and the entrepreneur has fulfilled her purposed and gone back to her maker, I guess she is smiling and at peace resting with the Almighty, to us we are saddened in our hearts as it is just too soon. The plans she had, the children to wed, the grandchildren to come, pension to collect, to see no more.
A reminder to us all to do good while the maker tarries. To live like there is no tomorrow,  living a life of  good legacy like Stella did, always smiling, always gracious, always generous, always blessing.
An awesome legacy for all to learn from.
Remember: The good you do today will become your leaving legacy tomorrow.
Sweet memories of a life once shared.

Till  we meet again, rest in peace Olugbenle

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