Haha! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge giving it some serious dancing grooves!

As a dedicated Royal fan, I totally groove the young royals brave dancing moves, from the hip gyrating of the future king to be and the slow soul moves of his Queen. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sure complement one another. All I can say is more anointing!.

When I first watched this video, I imagined what it will be like as a Christian in front of the throne of the Almighty creator, If the Royals of this world can be treated with such reverence, a double chaired throne, carried on strong men's shoulders, all around the world they are respected and reverenced.

Nigerians will say 'ori apesin' a destiny born to be served by all. I pray for us all too that our destiny will speak forth, we will rise and shine, just like the Duchess Kate met her King, may we also meet our own destiny helper that will lead us to our destiny land.  IJN!


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