Serena and Venus Williams visit Nigeria to promote women's rights!

African-American tennis champions, Venus and Serena Williams, visited Lagos to inspire young girls and women to attain greater heights.
"It does not matter what your background is and where you are from, if you have dreams and goals, that is all that matters." With those words, Venus and Serena Williams inspired school age girls in Nigeria to success. For decades, Women have battled for equality and the message from the Williams sisters is not different, except that their approach is innovative and re-assuring, that anyone regardless of race, colour and sex can be successful.

Since their coming to Lagos was announced, there has been a bit of frenzy in the cosmopolitan city. Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of success. Everyone was upbeat about the coming of the Queens of tennis, the two women who have dominated lawn tennis court for over a decade and have inspired many to success.
Venus, 32, and Serena, 31 arrived in Lagos, Nigeria's largest city, on Tuesday, October 30, as part of a two-nation tour where they played exhibition matches to promote women's rights, a visit to Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola and a talk session with secondary school girls.
In a "Breaking The Mould" (BTM) campaign, that set their sights on Lagos, they talked about their experience, failures and success to encourage more women to break the moulds that have stood between them and their potentials.
Speaking to an audience of young girls at the United States Consulate General's residence in Ikoyi Lagos, to promote women's tennis as well as to encourage young girls in Africa to get involved in sports, the duo said that their aim for the tour was to encourage Nigerian girls to rise and achieve their potentials.
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In a bid to inspire the girls to take up the sport as well as pursue their dreams not minding their status as women, Venus, one of the sisters said, "It does not matter what your background is and where you are from, if you have dreams and goals, that is all that matters".
The Williams told the girls their success story during a talk on their journey to stardom as tennis players, while they later conducted tennis classes with the children showing a documentary on "Kick like a Girl" to motivate them.
"Kick like a Girl" is the story of what happens when The Mighty Cheetahs, an undefeated all-girls soccer team, competes in the boys division. With humour and candour, this documentary reminds people all of the lessons learned in competitive athletics and how sports have been one of the most effective instruments of social change during a lifetime.

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