So Sad! Dennis Avner, 'Cat man', Found Dead At 54 In Apparent Suicide! watch video

One thing I have come to learn and realise as a Christian is that we are so priviledge to have the book of life 'Bible' to daily, guide, guard, teach, mentor, encourage us and reveal to us the hidden secrets of living a successful life. Every morning I wake up, I read a couple of verses that strengthens my heart or opens my eye or even encourages me when i am down, lonely or sometimes without hope. In essence it lightens up our dark world and empowers us for the tough life ahead of us.

I just cannot imagine a life without this WORD, its like an invisible father leaving you a will for you to read and follow when he dies so you can be independent, rich and comfortable anywhere you go. In Europe I see people spend thousands of pounds seeking answers, from shrinks, doctors, clairvoyants, drugs, alcohol yet they come back void. I suppose because the Bible doesnt come with a high price, anything free is normally classified as rubbish. How deceiving can this be.

This leads me to the story of the cat man who sought attention to the extreme, turning his God given beautiful body to cat like features, from his face, lips, teeth, eyes everything was either surgically or tattoed all over. To me he looked scary, but I guess he was seeking attention in the wrong places and at 54 couldnt take the world anymore why would a human being created in the image and likeness of God want to be an animal, a tiger to be precise.

I pray his soul rest in peace. Amen

Heavily modified, pierced and tattooed, some knew Dennis Avner as the oddity who went by his Native American name, Stalking Cat, while others knew him as the brother, friend and son he was.
After undergoing extensive cosmetic procedures to look like a tiger from the animal totems in Huron traditions, Dennis felt his spirit was called to the wild and made it is goal to modify his body in honor of the beast.
On November 5th 2012, Dennis Avner was confirmed dead at 54. His body is being held in Tonopah and suicide is the speculated cause of death.
Dennis helped pave the way for many body modification enthusiasts and was said to be a kind and gentle man. May he rest in peace.

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