Wow! 26 year old college drop out,Gurbaksh Chahal worth $300 million dollar and counting, just following his dreams!

Gurbaksh Chanal like any other 4 year old immigrant, grew up in the low income projects in California USA, to make things worse, he was an Indian, a Punjab and a Sikh wearing turban. So from an early age he new what bullying meant and witnessed racism. But rather than use this as an excuse for failure, or as a weapon of hate, used it as a source of strength to show them what he is capable of achieving  Today he lives the world all envy, living in a penthouse on the 37th floor, driving a Lamborghini and still single!

His words: On breaking free from bullies: My focus was to think: 'OK, I'm not going to have the most friends, be prom king or the most popular student – but so what?' I fell in love with the Internet, with business and the idea of being in control and knowing that my destiny was in my own hands. I became more determined than ever to succeed.

He dropped out of high school at 16, started a business and never looked back. 
Fascinated by online advertising and the "concept of a click," Chahal founded ClickAgents in December 1998. Less than two years later, he sold it for $40 million. Staying hungry for growth, he started online advertising network BlueLithium in 2004. Yahoo Inc. bought it within three years for $300 million. The latest entrepreneurial venture for Chahal, now 29 and still single!, is RadiumOne, a fast-growing ad network that leverages social data on the Web. 

Success Tip: Don't focus so much energy on what you've lost, focus on what you need to win. There will be times when you may lose $1 million in deals. You'll think it's the end of the world, but the next day you may make $1.2 million. Nothing is meant to always work out. You just need a Plan B.
On staying competitive: Many [business] people focus on what is static, black and white. Yet great algorithms can be rewritten. A business process can be defined better. A business model can be copied. But the speed of execution is dynamic within you and can never be copied. When you have an idea, figure out the pieces you need quickly, go to market, believe in it, and continue to iterate.

A challenge to everyone to keep there dreams alive, anything is possible to him who believe!
May all your dreams come true IJN

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