Pastor Ghandi Olaoye of RCCG Jesus House Washington DC, stepped down?

Heard through the grapevine that something is definitely in the air in Jesus House Washington DC.
If I have heard it right, it is that the famous pastor of the Biggest Redeemed Church of God in USA, Nigerian Pastor Ghandi Olaoye has been told to step down. As to why we do not know.  We can only pray that the Lord will uphold the church in their season of storm and turbulence.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Jesus House, Washington DC, is one of the biggest Redeemed Churches in America and it has earned its respect in that part of the world. It is one of the over 15,000 churches under the RCCG of which Pastor Enoch Adeboye is the General Overseer.
Pst Agu and Pastor Ghandi
The first fellowship of the church took place in 1995 at the District of Columbia with just few members. And in 15 years, the church has grown into a dynamic non-denominational, multi racial and multi-cultural international church where praise is steadfast and preaching is practical. Despite the fact that the Church is founded and pastored by a Nigerian, the church attracts worshippers based abroad from over 20 nations who have made Jesus House their home church. While there are hundreds of faithful volunteers who are committed to serving Christ in over 60 ministries. The church is situated in Philadelphia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland, a thriving community rich in ethnic and racial diversity. 

The church is pastored by Pastor Ghandi Olaoye. He has been the Pastor of the church since inception. Pastor Ghandi Olaoye is a visionary, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is fondly called “Pastor G”and is known for his servant heart and leadership skills. Pastor Ghandi was born and raised in Nigeria. He has a degree in English Language and a Masters on Industrial and Labor Relations. He was a successful entrepreneur before the call of God came upon his life to become a Pastor.

Pastor Ghandi has been Pastoring since 1992, where he pastored 3 RCCG Churches in Nigeria and also RCCG Parish in Bonn, Germany before moving to the United States.
Pastor Ghandi is passionate about helping others develop to their fullest potential; his experience traveling and speaking internationally has helped shape his commitment to showcasing a ministry where people of all racial and ethnic groups worship God in a loving and caring atmosphere. He is currently the coordinator in charge of Convention and Special Projects for RCCG, North America.

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OOA said...

The speculations of this story are untrue. I am a worker and longstanding member of Jesus House and can be considered an authority on this, There are no storms, there is no turbulence in JHDC. We covert your prayers, the Lord knows all the saints should pray without ceasing...for souls and all our leaders, that God's will may be done on earth, Pastor Ghandi, and the entire leadership of JHDC are well and the church is doing fine, God bless you and have a fulfilling 2013!

Angel FAlese said...

My bad!, I stand to be corrected, I have been informed that Pastor Ghandi has been stepped aside NOT stepped down. Whatever the step is I pray he takes the right step.

Yves Ewekus said...

Can people just leave the man alone pls? A lot more things are happening and facing people in the world right now than spreading wrong and misleading news just for the heck of it. Common people when did step aside and step down become the same thing? When did "I am stepping aside" become the same sentence as "he was asked to step down". There is boko haram, the fiscal cliff, the new year to talk about. Pls people of get with it. It is the year 2013.

Ope Sanni said...

He didn't step down. He just stepped aside

Princess Adeboye said...

Behind every rumour there must be element of truth, how can he step down or step aside from his realms of glory, come off it, lets call a spade a spade, there must be a reason for his steping aside or steping down.....time shall tell

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, have you heard of a going on leave? Pastor G went on leave, he's back and was at the church for new year's eve.