Sad! R.I.P Nigerian prostitute Ms Franca Abumen, brutally murdered in Italy

Italy is know for is high number of Nigerians working on their streets as prostitutes, sadly we have heard that majority of them are brought over by sex traffickers promising them a life of glamour only to arrive in Italy to see that the jobs promised them back home were just false pretence.  Already in debt from crossing over the channels, they become subjects of blackmail, torture and abuse. 
The couple of times I have been to Italy, particularly Rome, I have been totally ashamed and sorry for these girls parading streets, train stations etc. for clients, some of them in the freezing cold weather with no jackets, in flip flop slippers, with heavy masked on make-up speaking pidgin English and you wonder whether these girls have ever been to Lagos before them boarding planes to these countries. 
Apart from the fact that you have to learn the Italian language, I find Italians quite unfriendly to people of colour and most of their white collar jobs are unreachable to Africans no matter what kind of certificate they carry. The Nigerians I met there work either as a household help or tomato picker on farms.
My prayer is that whomever killed this young lady be arrested and brought to justice soon.
May Franca Abumen's soul rest in peace! (amen)

Franca Abumen, a 27 years old Nigerian, living in Rome, Italy, has met her untimely death in the hands of an unknown men who brutally murdered her by tying her ankles and strangling her to death with a black cord, tied around her neck.
Franca was killed in the woods of Stifone, between Narni Waters, in Rome and her body was found 24 hours after her death on Sunday 10th of December, 2012; after her friends called the police to declare her missing when she failed to return home from work (prostitution).
The police commands Carabinieri in Rome and Viterbo are working together to give the killers names and faces as soon as possible.

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