Christianity, Sex and Fifty shades of Grey!

After about a year of this book being the best-seller 'must read book of 2012' and everyone bothering me with the question. 'Have you read the Fifty Shades?' I decided to take the plunge and read, being a bit sceptic about reading erotic romance books (normally increases my blood pressure!).

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to be more adventurous, after all our values and belief are controlled by the choices we make, if we decide to enlarge our limiting beliefs and think outside the box, then we will experience infinite potentials!. So my motto this year is 'let go, let loose!'

So suddenly at forty something plus, here I am delving into another domain another world unheard of and totally unimaginable to me, why would any sane woman volunteer to be a 'submissive', totally submitting to a life of smacking, bonding, hanging, gagging and the list goes on!. I never knew having sex could entail so many add on toys, from ropes, silver balls, handcuffs, crops, floggers etc!. However, once I got over the shock my eyes became open to .'the issues encountered by Millionaire 'Dark man' Mr Grey and Innocent Virgin Miss Steel, which is common to all relationships.Their Passion, Love for one another, the tenderness and also the darker side of man, but above all that once the truth is known, it liberates and above all that unconditional love is unselfish and always longing to please the other above all.

Once I started reading, the more I reflected on my own relationships, my Christian living and my culture background and how limited I was in my understanding, the fact that as a Christian we are encouraged to shy away from 'immoral' books which have any kind of sexual nature.The logic to this I cant quite grasp since SEX is a requirement in all marriages and God's mandate to be fruitful and multiply!

In Churches you learn of everything  from spiritual development, managing  a home, financial empowering EXCEPT PHYSICAL or SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS!. 

It then dawned on me that perhaps if this subject is addressed in Churches, especially with the late teens to twenty some things  perhaps there will be less divorces in the Church, less adultery, less hypocrisy and more respect, appreciation and admiration for women and the role they play in a marriage. Women are precious in the sight of God, women the Buddhist say are the feminine side of God, with all the beauty, gentility and sensitivity arraigned like Diamonds on a crown!. 

The Church Hypocrisy

  • The hypocrisy of no sex before marriage (which we know in reality is non-existent)has made sex teaching in admissible in church agendas.
  • The hypocrisy of requesting women to 'obey their husband' in all circumstances.Even when the husband is a wife beater, lazy bomb, adulterer etc.
  • The hypocrisy that when the man is abusive, an adulterer, alcoholic, molester, non contributor, the wife has to keep praying to God to change him.
  • When the reality is more women are bread winners in the family.
  • The reality that nobody can change a man unless he wants to be changed, be it man or woman.
  • The reality that it takes two to Tango, marriage also!

Lastly if you haven't read the book, go read it, must read! it will definitely open your eyes as well as awaken other things!

Next week!
5 things Christians could learn about relationships from 50 shades of Grey!

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