Hurry! Get Free Books for yourself and your kids

Wisdom is the principal thing so get it and in getting it get understanding Proverbs 4:7

I once heard a judge say to a juvenile attending a court session. 'Ignorance is no excuse'!

To live abroad and still be uninformed, ignorant and incapable of having a simple intelligent conversation with people from different fields and backgrounds is utterly shocking. Free books are offered on Amazon through kindle. There are local libraries all around, amazon and eBay sells 2nd hand hard cover books for under £2!. You can download electronic books, eBooks, audio books unto Kindle's, Nooks etc.  Education for our children is Paramount, especially when more than half the children in United Kingdom cannot read or write at the age of 12!.

As long as we remember that our children has to be the best in their education, the higher their achievement is the better their choices to attend independent schools and move with the children going places, the future prime ministers and presidents. Too many black children are expelled from schools, juveniles and gangsters ending in jail.  As a parent it is our duty to provide our children with the best education that matters which comes at a cost.

What is the point of Nigerian mothers, buying £500 pound lace, £5,000.00 gold jewellery set and £2,000 pounds louisvuitton bags just to create a false image to your so called friends and yet unable to send your children to private school or attend private lessons with groups like KUMON, to develop themselves to be one step ahead of their colleagues.

After all our children are a heritage from the lord. However, as a parent if we are not abreast of what is happening in the education system, world of technology, becoming a parent governor in their schools etc.

It is for this reason that I have decided to have a Book page to encourage us all to read. I find it strange that some Christians think that reading the Bible and 'Open Heavens' is it!.

I encourage us all this 2013 to decide to pick up one or two books a month and for our children.

If Kings are to come to our light, we need to get to their level or realm for them to see us at all not to talk of seeking us out!.

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