Marriage: Polygamy Vs Monogamy - I am for both!(video)

For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. Gen 2:24

This week the BBC covered with great interest the first lady of South Africa who officially is the fourth wife of President Jacob Zuma. Mrs Bongi Ngema Zuma also happens to be a beautiful successful business woman, professional and the founder of BNZ foundation, a charity for set up to fight diabetes.
President Zuma and wives
As a western culture most women find it strange, demeaning or legally illegal to knowingly enter into a polygamist relationship, perhaps they could have understood if she was uneducated or insecure, but this is far from the truth in Mrs Zuma's case. It is for this reason that I applaud the first lady. As an African I always have to explain to my white colleagues what a polygamy family entails and the fact that it is practised in widely in the African countries. The notion of thinking that this act is barbaric and uncivilised is what I frequently challenge. 
Why does it have to be barbaric and uncivilised because it is not practised in the western world any more  At the moment Most African countries are counted as brutal and inhuman because they have laws against practising homosexuality, single sex marriages, you will remember that the British government even threatened to withdraw their financial aids to the country!.

Monogamy: wilkipedia says - is a form of marriage in which an individual has only one spouse during their lifetime or at any one time.  In current usage, monogamy often refers to having one sexual partner irrespective of marriage or reproduction. A civil marriage between one man and woman, now to include one man and man or woman and woman!. If a man is found to marry more than one wife or vice versa they could end up been locked up 7 years in prison.!

Christianity is the main advocate for monogamy marriages, quoting the biblical verse Gen 2:24 as a Godly ordained institution formed by the creator of the universe to sustain the planet, by mandating the unification of man and woman to become one with the purpose of multiplying, being fruitful and replenish the earth.

However, through history and biblical history we see that man does not always follow God's plan and choose a different path as they desire. Hence the Israelites requesting for a King rather than a Judge God put to preside over them.  We see that all our Christian patriarchs are all polygamist. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David, who is the direct line of our redeemer Jesus Christ, not to talk of King Solomon the wisest and richest in biblical history who topped it with 1,000 concubines.!.

In today's century, the monogamy marriage is riddled with extra marital affairs from both wife and husband, from the professionals down to Bishops and Pastors. Some abusing their official position to others using money to pursue their darkest desires, women turn to toy boys, for solace to quench the thirst of loneliness. From the famous President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky of the USA to Pastor Wale Oke and his then Secretary. What about the famous footballer who slept with wife and sister!. 
Pastor, wife and senior hidden wife!
I even hear the ridiculous of churches requesting that their pastors should remarry their 20 years divorced wife's to  
polygamist encourage to discard of their wives and get hitched to the first wife all in the name of God.

Today we have a Christian society full of immorality,  sexual abuse and deceit, the worst of all is within the church walls. Last year Nigeria was named as the most promiscuous country topping the Durex top 10. Nigerian women especially married as the most adulterous in the world!.

God help us all!

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