Mm! Denzel Washington to star Nollywood film.

Denzel Washington the black American Veteran actor and my favourite black actor in the world! an assured blockbuster hit with films like, American gangster, Man on Fire, Training day, De javu etc,  is coming to Nollywood!. Wow, I'm sure proud to be a Nigerian and pleased to see Nollywood growing stronger and getting the exposure they well deserve. I hope Denzel enjoys his stay in Nigeria.

Hollywood actor, Denzel Washington, is expected to arrive in Nigeria next week to take part in the shooting of Spider Basket, a new movie funded by Nigerian businessman, Dennis Osadebe.
Osadebe himself arrived in Nigeria from his base in Turkey last Friday in company with his Turkish partner, Abdulkadir Erkahraman.
Osadebe’s decision to invest in the entertainment industry appears driven by his faith in the abundant talents in the country.
“Denzel is just one of many Hollywood stars that I want to witness the talents in this country and to impact significantly on Nollywood. Others are coming. My secaond movie, By Fire by Force, is due to be premi√®red this month,” Osadebe said.
Osadebe’s DCS Entertainment has signed up two Nigerian artistes, Wandy Boy and V2K.

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