UK immigration Dept hits woolwich station! Nigerians arrested in droves! watch video

The saddest thing for a Nigerian abroad is the crossing over of a legal visitor student with all the freedom to work, study, travel, marry and progress acquire wealth like any other Foreigner abroad seeking to better their lives.  Not so if you overstay your visit to the United kingdom, instantly you become a fugitive an illegal immigrant with all rights stripped. You are denied access to education, right to work and worse right to seek medical help if you are sick. I have seen women and men with grave diseases, yet cannot visit their GP or hospital for fear of being sent back home to Nigeria.

They are victimised and abused by immoral unethical employers who milk them dry, give them pittance money and require they work abnormally long hours. Some don't even pay their employees threatening to report them to the police.

Then their are the financial institutions, mostly banks who let the so called immigrants open the accounts, put all their life savings in the account only to deny them access, threatening to call the immigration.!. While I understand the governments point of view of influx of illegal visitors, I find it hard to understand why they are treated as criminals and subject to inhumane ridicule and abuse, some killed in prison lock ups. Some are kept in detentions for years, some live on the streets, some commit suicide.

The latest drill is to visit train stations that they know is frequented by immigrants and set up base as early as 4am in the morning!. I guess they had there hands full too.

I say this in the hope that Nigerians back home will see that United Kingdom is not a 'land flowing with milk and honey that is its past glory. If you sell your whole assets, home livelihood, resign your managerial post in Nigeria for  a dream life abroad. It will be the biggest mistake of your life. Unemployment is high, crime rate is high, inflation is high, definitely not the UK of a decade ago.

I only pray people realise this and make no silly mistake for a false dream abroad!

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