Watch: Welcome home video! - something to put a smile on your face

My dad once told me that back in the days when ships brought people from Africa to Europe and education was only for the brilliant and privilege with some scholarship holders sent abroad across the ocean to study. Seeing there was no phone, but telegraphs, it would sometime take years to hear from loved ones. So when finally return back perhaps as a medical doctor or engineer after spending 7 to 10 years abroad in the white man's land, on returning back home to Africa, they normally will get a grand welcome reception right from the port or airport.

That means the whole family, extended family and local drummers touch down at the port to sign and dance and welcome their son or daughter who went to the white man's land as an innocent poor student only to come back with sharp suits, pressed hairs, English speaking, doctors!.

Now roll forward to the 21st century and imagine what it was like then with this welcome home video.
It sure puts a smile on my face and reminds me of the beautiful world we live in. Still wishing you the best for the year 2013 and remember whatever you set your heart to you can accomplish. The whole world is waiting to welcome and celebrate you just like this video reflects.

happy viewing our video of the week!

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