Wow! Social media at its best:Piers Morgan Tweet in Yoruba ‘ Eku Odun Tuntun!

Social media is surely one of the seven wonders of the world, every day I am amazed at what technology does, I still up till today cannot understand or fathom how it works, from internet, WiFi  IPAD, laptops, Skype   etc. The big wide global world with its complex diversity has suddenly become one world with one language, it has become smaller and merging into one big city. With YouTube you can now enter the world you were never aware of from remote villages, tortured souls, city of lady boys etc. All this at the touch of a button!.

The British television host, Piers Morgan who currently hosts the CNN programme 'Piers Morgan tonight' took to twitter to greet his Nigerian fans and followers by tweeting in Yoruba!.

Wow! I am totally impressed.

To celebrate the New Year celebration, a Nigerian fan tweeted at Piers to express how much she loves him and he replied in Yoruba, a Nigerian Language ‘I do- Eku Odun Tuntun’
No one would have thought he will reply in yoruba.

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