6th Commandment: Thou shalt not Kill – Texas Church To Host Handgun Kill License Class!

Sometimes I wonder about the saying, ‘we live in a crazy world’!.  My question is who are the crazy people really?, the Church or the Unbeliever. With this story I go with the Church, Calvary Baptist Church in Dumas will host a concealed handgun license class, I say they are going ‘gaga!.  All in the name of trying to fit into society’s norm and as they put it, ‘thinking out of the box’. I say ‘beginning of madness’!.

What in God’s name will lead a Church to start a ‘killing Class’!, The Bible says we are all created in the image and likeness of God and according to Apostle Paul to the Romans said, before we were born, God already foreknew usand gave just the breath of life. Hence Jesus teaching love your enemies. Every life that is quenched through violence is an unfulfilled destiny, unfulfilled mission of the Almighty creator to bless the world. If the Bible says ‘we are the light of the world’ of darkness. It utterly unimaginable that the same people Jesus died for and gave them the mission to take the gospel of peace around the world are the same people who have become the killers, not just killers but teachers and breeders of killers.
The verse the name of the Lord is a STRONG tower the righteous run into it and are saved‘ are now preparing to become ‘run into it and learn to kill’, gone is the 6th Commandment of the Almighty. ‘You MUST NOT KILL’.    
Hey! what does God know? HE needs to ‘think of out the box’.
Like I always say. MAY GOD HELP US ALL!.

Calvary Baptist Church in Dumas will host a concealed handgun license class March 2, and although a house of worship is an unconventional locale for a class on how to safely use and carry firearms, the Rev. Brad Foster looks at it as a community service opportunity for the church.
“There is such an interest right now in the class, self-defense and protecting one’s family,” Foster, the church’s senior pastor, said. “We are always looking for ways to offer ministry and service to our community, and we never wanted it to be just for church members. People all over the area are expressing an interest.”
The 10-hour class, taught by state-certified instructor Mike Cearley, will be held in the church’s fellowship hall. Cearley said the class will touch on safety and legal guidelines for carrying a firearm.
“The main purpose of this class is to handle a firearm safely and know when to shoot or just be a good witness,” Foster said. “There are parameters. You need to now where to carry, where you can’t carry and know you’re responsible for that round.”


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