Happy Easter 2013! Jesus Christ has Risen!

Happy Easter 2013!

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. psalm 34:19

Perhaps like many people going through one turmoil or the other, perhaps bereavement  loss of a loved one, unemployment, finding it hard to sustain the family, home reposed  going through a bad divorce, or a terminal disease and you feel Easter is just like any other day only a reminder of how life have dealt badly with you and rather you see no reason to live.  

In the news this week they said the suicidal rates among the young men 30- 44 are on the increase, more than death by Aids or Accidents. Many see no reason for living. I would have imagine this also in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, when He was in the mount of Gethsemane and troubled in His spirit when He saw what  was ahead of him, the torment, torture, humiliation, crucifixion and painful death. Your death may not be physical like Jesus but spiritual in your heart, dying slowly, you feel as if you don't belong to this world any more  it has nothing to offer me and I have nothing to give but pain.

Jesus also said through pain 'God let this cup pass over me' BUT let your will be done. The will of God for your life my friend is not for pain, sorrow or death, he says I have a plan for you my child, it is a plan of joy and of peace to give you a hope, and though you might not see it now, if only you hold on to Jesus, believe His words, what you are feeling and going through will pass, its only for a season. I pray that the Lord will keep you and strengthen you in your inner man with great power and life, so you might hold on, till this storm passes by. 

I pray the resurrection of Jesus will rescue you and roll away your pain and cloth you with joy of His Rising. I pray He sends you helpers from above and surround you with His love and light so all your darkness will disappear and you will witness once more joy and peace.
Remember that Jesus died for you and me on the cross, He knows your pain and wants you to believe that He is with you and will be with you always. Be encouraged know that you are not alone and that with His strength you will have victory and smile once again.

Jesus Loves you and I love you too!

Happy Easter 2013!


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