Is this Sick or Cool ? Gamourising death - Pop star Singer Goldie

Nigerian pop singer Susan Oluwabimpe "Goldie", Harvey, who died suddenly after a sudden brain haemorrhage at 31 came as a shock to her fans
Her record label said Miss Harvey, 31, had complained of a severe headache shortly after returning to Nigeria from the US where she had attended the music industry's Grammy Awards.
The star was rushed to a hospital in Lagos, where she was pronounced dead.
Bringing all of us to a reality that death comes when least expected, one minute you could be hail and hearty the next minute you could be pronounced dead. The lesson to be learnt from this all is 'live everyday to the fullest, as if there was no tomorrow'. Treasure your loved ones, families and bless everyone you come across on the journey of your life. After all everyone is on a journey of life,where we will end is is up to the Creator. My prayer is whenever our time is up, may it meet us in a pleasant place, hopefully at an old age.
My question today however is over keeping the dignity of the dead, with technology comes the exposure of everything sacred under the earth, nothing is privilege anymore, nothing is scurrilous anymore. Apart from Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England who still covered under legal law, she is not allowed to be photographed or recorded while eating in public or anything that might be considered less construed or undignified.
As to a dead person whom most likely will hope that their legacy left behind be of dignity, it comes as a shock if they can truly look back from the afterlife and see the way they are paraded, photographed plastered over facebook, newspaper and even shockingly as a blackberry profile!. Can you imagine using a corpse as a profile picture, absolutely sick and appalling.
I sure wouldn't want my loved one or myself be remembered in this manner. Perhaps its time we rethink and question our sense of values.


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