Money only Impress lazy girls!. Men don't deceive yourself!

Some guy sent me this picture and I just got to share it with you.   It goes..'

Money only Impress lazy girls, when a woman works hard a man with money is just a bonus'!. 

All I can  say is 'what a load of crock!. This definitely has to be the handiwork of a frustrated poor guy, trying to console himself that Money is irrelevant. Daah!

Of Course Money impresses ALL women and including men.

  • Why would some African men kill another human being for money sacrifice if money wasn't important. 
  • Money impresses ALL women AND men
  • Money rules the world
  • Money comes with Power
  • Money for ugly men brings the most beautiful angel worshipping at their feet
  • Why would a woman want to work hard for money,as well as be a wife and a mother

My point is women weren't born for hard labour, that is the job of the man, after all as Christians the Bible says, the Husband is the head of the home and a man who cant provide for his family is worse than a fool.

So Men please work hard, acquire the money if you want the most beautiful lady to adorned your hands, after all, Diamonds is a woman's best friend and that takes MONEY!

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