Mrs Annie Macaulay Idibia and her 6 stepchildren and that is before the wedding day!

Is there really a sanctity of marriage
or just an arcade term in today's world. Do you really believe that the woman and man  in a marriage will keep the chastity of their marriage and dedicate body soul and mind to each other till death do them part? They will have each other and each other alone as their sexual partner?  

I mean take the media hype over the 37 year old super star 2face Idibia (African queen star) and his wife Annie Macaulay Idibia who are having a glamour traditional wedding this Saturday  The guy has half a dozen kids by different women! Are you saying after this wedding he wont be sleeping with no other woman? . Or can you even imagine the dilemma of counting yourself as the legal wife when your hubby already has 6 kids before you came into the picture and this is all before the age of 40!.

I can only imagine what the next 40 years will be like for the new Mrs Idibia, should we say congratulations or should we say poor lady if only you knew what you are getting into!.

Ha! who am I to question love eh!. so we say to the new Mr and Mrs 2face Idibia. Happy married life!

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tayo Alo said...

Its nuh easy! I kent blame her @ all! Its love!!! He'll deginately sheat buh she sure shld ne ready