Ready for a Black Pope Peter Kodwo Appiah? As Catholic overseer Pope Benedict retires to a life of Solitude

Black Pope posters appear in Rome Vote Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson at the conclave!, said the posters in bold above a photograph of the cardinal, a favourite among bookmakers to succeed Benedict, who on Thursday became the first pope in six centuries to resign.

 According to the smart money, the odds favor the election of Ghana’s Cardinal Peter Turkson as the next Pope, the first from Africa since Pope Gelasius I over fifteen hundred years ago. In the intervening years, several African candidates have attracted interest (Benin’s Cardinal Gantin, in 1978, and Nigeria’s Cardinal Arinze, in 2005), but none has ever been a front-runner among the papabile. In fact, the term “black pope” traditionally refers to the head of the Jesuits, revealing how unlikely the prospect of an actual black pope was for most of the Church’s history.

Do I personally think a Black Pope would be elected as a Spiritual guidance and Overseer of the Catholic over one billion followers ABSOLUTELY NO!  AT LEAST NOT IN MY GENERATION. Yes I know the same was said of President Obama, but we must forget he is not a black ashy pure African. I doubt he would have got the ticket if he was not mixed race, light skinned half white, half black.

We are talking about a black Pope Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson  with a tribal mark from Ghana! a very, very dark skin African becoming the Spiritual guidance of Italians, Eastern Europeans, Russians etc who has the highest percentage of racial abuse I doubt it.

Not to talk of the fact that Africans are known to be very conservative, evangelical in their spiritual approach to a Western liberal society which believes in abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia etc.

Personally I can only say, 'Wishful thinking!, dream on!

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