Sad! Oscar Pistorius a lesson for us all. You only got one life to live. watch video

This Time magazine has a full front page of Oscar Pistorius, with the title, MAN, SUPERMAN, GUNMAN!. Life is like an egg that needs to be cared for, one wrong move and the egg cracks, leading eventually to being smashed, once broken it can never, never be put together again. In essence You only have one life to live, You only live it Once, So live it Well!.

The Africans will say. Life is like a boomerang, whatever investment you put into it, the same return you will get. They will also say that 'if your yam tuber becomes so big, bigger than the other farmers around you, then cover it up!. They will say 'it not all that want you to eat and be full'!.

The Christians will sing a song that goes. 'Christians do not rest yet, hear what your guardian angel is saying, you are in the midst of enemies, be careful and be watchful'!. How true this is. It is not everyone that wishes you well, some are rejoicing with you, but still awaiting your downfall. Some are simply envious of your well-being and cant wait to point the fingers when things go wrong.

Oscar Pistorious! the Superman of our time, against all adversities and his disabilities, born with both legs amputated below the knees at 11 months, yet became the best in His game. At 2011 Olympics he became the first amputee to run with able bodied , by 2012 summer Olympics he won 2 gold medals. An Inspiration to both the able and physically challenged body, known around the world as the guy who could 'fly'!. At only 29,  He became invincible, surrounded with wealth, sponsors, paparazzi etc.

The price of wealth and fame is destructive if one is not careful, today we learn of Oscars, anger, violence nature all the results of false representation of oneself as someone who is invincible. When you look at the stars and see their reality TV shows, you realise that their lives are mostly shallow, unrealistic and fake.

Only God knows whether he indeed intentionally killed his model girlfriend Reeva, but whether he is found guilty or not, he will be known as the guy that killed his girlfriend

what do I think, Is he guilty, the question I ask is, if nothing was going on, why will his girlfriend lock the toilet door behind her, if she wasn't running from someone, in the middle of the night, why will she take her phone to the bathroom?

what a waste of life, may her soul rest in peace.!

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