Unbelievable! 2face & Annie Idibia receive their Prado SUV from Akwa Ibom Gov

Early this month I wrote about the serious dangers our children are subjected to by having all these singers, film stars, people on TV who personally have nothing morally right with their lives, yet are showcased to our youths as the ideal 'role model'. Such is the African Queen singer 2face. In my article

I questioned the fact that Nigerians tend to celebrate the wrong people, if a common person had 6 kids before the age of 40 as Idibia has, they would have their head down in shame and if they actually get married do it on a quite low key scale. 

To my surprise, here comes the Akwa Ibom state governor Godswill, given a budget to allocate money to sustain the social welfare, educational welfare and infrastructure of his state, the dangerous roads that needs to be restored, lack of employment etc. Mismanaging these funds and using it as his personal wealth to discharge willy nilly!. Governor of Akwa Ibom gives the couple a brand new Prado SUV as a wedding present, as well as that he promises to fund 20 members of the brides family to Dubai for the continuation of this wedding at the cost of over £20,000.00 without the Prado!.

Truly unbelievable!, when will Nigeria change, where is the sense of accountability, can you imagine an MP here in United Kigndom doing this. They even have the boldness to take pictures and publicise it as if they have done something that needs to be celebrated. 

All I say is, God help Nigeria

Angel Falese

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