Appalling! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome holds tax haven secret accounts for Daughters in the Carribean!

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit ones soul. Mark 8:36

I am always amazed, baffled and absolutely pee'd off, when I hear of Rich people hoarding their wealth just because they don't want to pay tax, or don't want to share their wealth. As for a Christian this is simply an abomination against God, for the whole purpose of God giving you wealth is for you to oversee the poor, the weak and the needy. All around the world, people are suffering, starving, dying of famine, war infested countries, internal conflict and the women and children tend to be at the receiving end of these brutal acts.

Here comes these mega Church pastors whose wealth is amassed by milking the poor syphoning the church wealth to tax haven countries using false names, bogey companies etc. They dodge paying taxes, or accounting for their wealth, just like the drug barons who always look for ways to stash their illegal funds made from narcotics. These pastors look for ways to hide these wealth. Welcome Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy. The newspaper last week claimed that this pastor has set up secret accounts for his daughters in the Caribbean using phony accounts. How Sad!, Is this really the gospel of Jesus Christ. Are these really and truly men of God?. Or men of Greed.

Secret documents link family and associates of one of Africa’s most popular pastors, Nigerian televangelist the Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, to an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands.
A business associate of the pastor says some directors in the company held shares on behalf of the pastor’s daughters, Sharon and Charlyn, who are now teenagers.
The company in question is Gmobile Nigeria Limited, an offshore firm incorporated in 2007 in a Caribbean tax haven, the British Virgin Islands, according to a cache of documents reviewed by Premium Times and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The shareholders listed in the documents include Oyakhilome’s wife, Anita; another pastor in his organization, Thomas Amenkhienan; a business associate, Aigobomian Inegbedion; and another British Virgin Islands’ company, GTMT International Group Limited.

It is well known around the world that the richest mostly greedy people around the world whose wealth is there all and there for them to enjoy, forgetting that it is God that gives the power to get wealth with the purpose of helping the poor, the weak and the destitute around the world. These people actually hoard their wealth and with the greed of not letting go, they look for ways to avoid tax, they look for ways to siphoning their money illegally or with good accountants legally to tax haven countries normally under false names or bogey companies. In UK these people have been named and shamed all the time, we remember that Nigeria's James Ibori the Governor of Delta State was sentence to prison for fraud and tax evasion.

What bothers and upsets me most is that the poor are milked of every penny they have by paying taxes, here in the UK, community charge, V.A.T and many more. so much so they hardly have any left to eat or save. However the Rich are allowed to write all their expenses against their taxes, hardly paying any tax at all!.

Even the Big companies hardly pay taxes, we remember Pret a manger and Costa Coffee were paraded last year as being culprits.But then we have the God sent Billionaire's who has made it their mission to use all their wealth to serve the poor and the needy. Take Bill Gates Foundation who gives out millions every year to projects around the world, I remember a couple of years ago he gave Nigeria One million dollars $1,000,000.00 to fight against malaria.

May God forgive these pastors and may God raise mighty men up like Bill Gates to help poor and practice the message of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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