Halleluyah! The Bible TV series to air on Channel Five this autumn

How can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? Romans 10:14

Living in United Kingdom as a Christian is a struggle that the African continent cannot understand. If you are not strong and staunch in your faith in Jesus and have the boldness to be the odd one out. Being a Christian in United Kingdom is the biggest obstacle you can have against your progression, your promotion at worst is withheld, your fostering rights are withheld all because your believe are counted as 'dangerous and harmful'. People have been known to go under the axe of employment for wearing a cross and if you refuse to marry two guys and work in the registry you are out of the door. 

If you are a nurse or doctor and offer any Christian advise, as little as offering to pray for the sick, well that is instant sack letter!. It is so ridiculous it is on borderline madness. I remembered when His Holiness Pope Benedict came over to the United Kingdom, he said Christians are suffering from 'aggressive secularism'. People go out of their way to target you just because you are a Christian. 

So I am truly overjoyed in my spirit to see that one of our major channels in UK here, has decided to go against the tide and showcase the 'Bible' series this autumn  This is also due to the amount of people that watched it in the USA. Over 13 million viewers! according to the Daily Telegraph, I pray that as it is show cased here, it will become an avenue for millions to understand the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ made for all.

I will keep you posted for the exact date.


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