Nigerian Billionairess Alakija owns Five Apartments in One Hyde Park, absolutely NOT!

According to Vanity Fair magazine April edition it states that land-registry documents show that five apartments, for a combined $123 million, are owned by companies under the Rose of Sharon name, all based in the Isle of Man.  owned by Folorunsho Alakija, the Nigerian billionaire who is a part-owner of Famfa Oil Ltd.
Having being to the Richest building in Europe myself and viewing one of their grandest apartments, one of the question I asked the Candy and Candy’s sales agent is whether any Nigerian live in their building, as I was viewing for a Nigerian client who wanted me to view their $20 million dollar apartment on his behalf before he flew over for final viewing. It would be certainly good to know if any Nigerians were already in the building, already known in the Property Market as High  end property cash buyers.

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