Simply divine! Siji says it for us all 'Yearning for Home' in his music video..MUST watch

I think it was Ebenezer Obey that sang the yoruba song 'Ajo lawa, k'ori mi si mi dele'. In essence saying as a Nigerian in Diaspora we are all foreigners far away from our mother land and may the God of our Ancestors give us the grace to return back home safely with wealth, kids and a good health.

With all the loneliness, strange foods, isolation, cultural difference, discrimination etc. This artist 'AdeSiji' says it all for us. Whether its missing the sunshine or the 'bukataria' food, the food hawkers with gala and fan ice.

As we yearn for our motherland, I pray the Lord grant us in His infinite mercy the grace to retire home with wealth, children, good health and all our heart desires

here is Siji singing 'Yearning for home'

SIJI - "Yearning For Home" Music Video from SIJI on Vimeo.

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