Ridiculous! Archbishops to ask gay clergy's in civil partnership: 'Are you having gay sex?'

"If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act.  Leviticus 20:13

As an African and a conservative Christian living in the 'western world' with its cultures, liberties and tolerance to everything sane and insane, it is the most difficult thing any African Christian will encounter once they step unto the land of Opportunity, the 'democratic' world!.  It's a new world where the biblical law's clashes with the civil law. an example is ' The Sabbath day'. Its more an abomination to NOT go to Church on Sunday in Africa, however,getting to UK, I had to make a hard choice of relinquishing a 'double pay Sunday' for God's reward of worshipping Him.

Then there is 'Homosexuality' men sleeping with men!. The bible clearly says its an abomination against God and a detestable act, however under the civil law its legal for a man to sleep with another man, not just that, your own priest, worse even a bishop, who is suppose to uphold the Bible, stand for the integrity of God and its Holy words are in 'civil partnership' and soon to be made 'marriage' if the gay right lobbyist 'Out 4 Marriage' get their way. 
Dr Jeffrey John, who is in a celibate civil partnership, was twice in line to become a bishop but his appointment was blocked because of opposition from conservatives within the Church 

However, the joke of it is they profess to be celibate!. Yeh right!. Can you imagine a legal married husband and wife professing celibacy!. Utter nonsense. Why not remain a single man then?.

Here comes the biggest joke of the year!.  The Daily Telegraph states: A legal briefing sent to members of the General Synod reveals that under a new policy any priest in a civil partnership will have to convince an archbishop that they are not sexually active before their name can go forward, to become a bishop. It was drawn up in light of a u-turn by the church last year which lifted a blanket ban on anyone in a civil partnership becoming a bishop.

How exactly are they to proof this, can someone please let me know, cause I seem to be ignorant of this new procedure of knowing if a sexual act has transgressed between two adults in a locked room!.  Perhaps the intervention of the Holy Spirit?

God help us all!


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