As a Nigerian in Diaspora, going back to my motherland is always a thrill, you jot down all the places you need to visit, towns, cities, villages, cousins, parents, parties, however top of the list is ALWAYS - BUKATARIA!. There is always something about buying street foods, I remember this jollof rice woman who has a shed nearby the American embassy, it is always jam packed with office staffs buying their lunches, whenever I get to Lagos this is always the No.1 must do thing on my list. You get there, buy a plastic bowl with cover and buy your food. Likewise the amala stalls, everyone has their favourite Buka, be it Lagos, Ibadan, Ilesa. Today however one of those Nollywood films come alive in the chilling city of Port-Harcourt!.

According to several eye witnesses, the lady pictured above hails from Akwa Ibom State.
She is the owner of a popular buka in Aleto, Eleme LGA of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
On this fateful day, we learnt she started behaving in a strange manager, she tore her clothes and began confessing on how she used charms to grow her business.

During her confession, she said she uses water used to bathe corpses with her food as well as water from her private part and menstruation blood.
She further confessed she used all these bizarre things to attract customers whose destinies she used in growing her business.
After the confession, she ran mad and ran into town naked confessing to everyone who cares to listen to her.

God help us all!