Wow! Pentecosal Churches VS Cherubim and Seraphim Church at war!

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. 1Cor 3:6

Having been born, raised and spent most of my life in the C&S Church movement (Cherubim and Seraphim) an African Pentecostal Church to those who haven't heard of them before. To many Africans known they are called the 'White garment' Church, called so because they wear white or garments to enter into the Sanctuary. This is not unique to the C&S only as there are the 'Mormon's, Some traditional Jews, Ancient Religions, and most Priests, Imam's etc.

I still find it strange and worrying that some ancient traditions still hold strong in some parts of the Church. (e.g going into 21 day trance, with no food and water).  I  find it more despairing that the Church as a whole refuse to move with time, to be more creative, relevant or just socially engaged by understanding and caring for their neighbourhood  or just working for social justice and the welfare of the young and the old.

The fact that they are stickler's to the Church founder's (Baba Orimolade) blueprint and manifesto on how to run the Church, who historically died in 1933!.  

Here we are living in the twentieth century, the Church of God is suppose to be a progressive Church with a heavenly mandate with the main goal being to inspire the next generation, yet they still their heads stuck in the stand, refusing to move with time. 

No wonder the African American Style Pentecostal Churches have continuously painted them as dark, demonic and occultic in their practises. When you go to their conventions, C&S is normally the highlight of their Jokes.. they are the candle users, incense burners etc. However, if you visit most traditional churches, from Orthodox Churches, Greek orthodox, Catholic Churches, Church of England etc these are part of their rudiments as well.  It always amaze me the ignorance of people especially when they are brain washed by their 'pastors' as a no go area!. 

I once heard a pastor say if you have a white garment burn them and plead the blood over yourself so you can be delivered!. Please!. The real reason behind this propaganda is that the C&S Church have the gift and grace to see visions and I mean mind blowing future seeing, destiny changer visions!. I say this as a matter of fact because my mum (God rest her soul) was one of them. I remembered when she watched the Eddie Murphy film 'Dr Dolittle', she turned to me while watching and said 'do you know there are really people that hear animals speak'? I jokingly laughed and said nah!. Then she told me an angel once offered her the gift and she refused to accept cause she thought it would be too much, just coping with humans are enough adding animals well!.

My mum will tell you specifically what happened to you every stage of your life and what will happen in the future. She had Pentecostal pastors, and people from every walk of life seek her for counsel, she travelled all around Nigeria when I was young, taking messages to Kings and state governors. When she came to visit me in London exactly 5 years before the Iraq war, she predicted the war, named the country and cried the whole night!. She saw blood every where and it saddened Gods heart.
my mum
I was always amazed about her spiritual gifts and I will ask her questions upon questions as I didn't have any of this gift!.  She will tell me everyone has an angel, its just she could actually see and talk to hers and they tell her all these things. I remembered when she woke up in the night to tell me a woman will be visiting us exactly 10 am in the morning and will seek prayer for the fruit of the womb(have children). all my mum should do is, get a cup of water and read psalm one into it and drink. As predicted the woman came exact time and about 11 months after brought her baby to mum.

Everyone wants to know the future whether you believe it or not, even the palm readers, tarot cards and psychic readers make over £10 million pounds annually and that is just United Kingdom!.

I always feel sadden in my spirit when I see people bad-mouth, insult and slander my beloved Church. I am not saying they don't have their own woes and morally wrong habits that needs to be eradicated. All I am saying is those that are the main orchestrator of this misconstrued attitude are the secret followers of the church who visit them undercover for spiritual guidance. Afterall most American Pentecostal Church Pastors are more head knowledge, eloquent, charismatic, educated and wealth orientated speakers, they have well planned teachings and practise, more geared to earthly domination not dominating your life spiritually. 

All I say to those who haven't been to a C&S Church before is why don't you visit one and witness it yourself, see whether you like it or not and not let anyone make a decision for you. Everyone to their own likeness.

To the C&S council worldwide can someone please tell them to get their heads out of the sand and be more progressive, more relevant, prepared to change with time, introduce new things, we live in a social media, technology world now and need more young minds to take them into the next century.

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