Yoruba Customary Court (UK) needs jurors!

Ever been curious of yoruba culture well here is a chance to view, or be a part of

Igbimo Majekobaje - (Members of the Jury for Yoruba Customary Court UK) cordially invite you to join us in considering simple and sometimes complex real cases that come before the Yoruba Customary Court (UK) on  Sundays between 2pm and 5pm.

Cases are heard with LIVE appearances (Plaintiffs and Defendants can be seen by viewing members of the public) or in CAMERA (parties not seen by the viewers.)
This progamme is an initiative of Erelu Lola Ayonrinde, who is the Customary Judge when the court sits Live on OODUA TV - (www.ooduatv.com).

Panel members - Members of the Jury assist the Judge to make informed decision(s).
They can sit in the comfort of their homes or come to the court.
If you are interested in being a member of the Panel, please call
Erelu on 07985194089 (t-mobile) or 07405365994 (Lycamobile)
or send an e-mail to nigerindistress@yahoo.com


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