Absolute Horror! Wife say's Husband Pastor killed me. Pencil's down note on her death bed

"The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?" Jeremiah 17:9
As part of my Theology degree course, I had the privilege of working as an NHS Chaplin, where our role was to offer spiritual guidance and prayers to sick patients and their families. For me it was an eye opener about faith, love and family, it was also strange to learn that the biggest problem the Spiritual and holistic Dept. encountered were not unbelievers but Pentecostal Pastors and their hypocrisy!.  As Africans we are taught to see our Pastors as 'Little Gods', hence the pastors favourite bible verse quote 'Touch not my anointed and do them no harm'. More or less used as a licence to thrill, steal and kill!.

Pastors are the only Profession where women fall head over heels with them just because of their title, forgetting that they are human beings like anyone else with flaws, just a man in a collar, like a Doctor in a white coat. Nobody would marry a teacher just because he teaches, so why would anyone marry a Pastor because of his collar, ignoring the basis of a successful marriage, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, PARTNERSHIP!. etc.
Pastor and Husband Noble Jagha

Sadly it was too late for  Mrs. Omodolapo Yetunde Olotu-Jagha (1971-2013) who died at the young age of 42.

Typical of any young Christian girl she fell for the illusion of  'marrying a pastor syndrome'.  I strongly hope that after reading this letter, as a single lady you will make sure whomever you marry is based on your love and respect for each other.

Mrs.Omodolapo Yetunde Jagha(Nee Olotu),Ireland-based Nigerian born-again Christian is no more but her tragic story must serve as a bitter lesson for many women still ‘stranded’ in a relationship with wicked Nigerian men posing around as ‘men of God’.As if ‘Pastor’ Noble Jagha was planning to dance on his wife’s grave.He started spreading  the rumour that his wife was just one leg inside the grave with her  operation mastectomy which led to the removal of one of her breasts. The news first filtered round the Dublin city through Hassan (Jagha’s church member)
who was  Pastor Noble Jagha’s girlfriend.Mariam innocently told her flatmate that she would marry Pastor Jagha very soon because his legal wife(Yetunde) was just few weeks away from cancer death.

Deciding to have the last laugh, the pastors wife on her cancer death bed decided to put pen to paper and wrote an open letter to the public, here is an extract from Trumpet Newspaper....

Before her death, Omodolapo Olotu-Jagha wrote a letter to her husband from her hospital bed - accusing him of being the reason for her death.
I bid you farewell...
I am grateful to God that I will rest in His bosom and I am more grateful because I have always wanted this opportunity to speak my mind even unto death. I guess you are surprised that even the dead can air an opinion; in my case I really wanted to because I knew that God was preparing a place for me and that is where I will be.  Do not weep for so long because I found eternal peace in Him. The very peace that has eroded me in about twelve years of my God given years (at the time of this writing I am forty-one years of age and I have been married for twelve years). This is my story...
I am Yetunde nee Olotu as I am fondly called by my immediate family in Nigeria but here I am being referred to as Omodolapo Jagha as named by the love of my life.  Now, I  am Dolapo GoodGod , the surname I adopted when I realized that I no longer have a husband who will be there for me. The very man I should expect to be the Master of ceremony at my burial, the man you think would miss my departure the most but unfortunately not. I believe my estranged husband is glad that he is now free from the bondage called marriage.
Noble Jagha, I hope you feel so happy now that your prophesy to Maryam Hassan and other girlfriends of yours that I will soon die so you can marry them is now fulfilled. The truth is that my body may be dead but my hope of glory in heaven is constant as God lives. I may not be here again but I am so sure you will never find anyone to love you the way I did... You were my first love, the very man who deflowered me but turned his back on me years after that I was not good on bed  (not sexy enough for you), I was not good at cooking but I managed to learn and cook your local meal of Starch and Banga. He said, “I was so paranoid” because I complained that you are only comfortable making phone calls in the car and returning home at midnight. You finally abandoned me and the children in December, 2012 after all the mental and physical abuse I suffered from you. You could not face the wrath of law as I got a safety and protection order against you because I was afraid that you would eventually take my life. While you lived with us, you were of no use, as you were not readily available to do your matrimonial and fatherly duties.  How painful it was to take the twins to school walking all the way from Ongar to Little Pace, sometimes after getting a chemo. Even when I pleaded with you to look after the kids when I have appointments at the hospital you refused. Thank God for the Irish government (HSE) that provided me with home help (Margaret), my cousin,  grandma Odelade,  Sola and S. Bimbo (my wonderful sisters in church), my friend, confidant  (Gbemi)  who stuck to me like a sister, she is known in all our kids’ school as their guardian because you were not there. You found solace in your numerous, “your attraction” as you referred to the choir leader and probably your new sizzling romance Sheila Luxembor whom you kept my kids with without my consent. I hope she told you I rang her and made peace with her when I did no wrong (Yeah, I did this to secure my heaven).


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