Bad luck or what! Man killed sleeping in bed by falling Cow through his roof

God forbid bad thing!, I mean how bad can your luck or Karma be. When a cow falls on you through your roof and only the cow lives to tell the story!. You don't get run over by a car, hit by a bus, or carried away by Hurricane Katrina.  It had to be a cow!. This is just to freaky for me to not believe this is sure bad Karma!.  If you cant be safe in your own bed, what else!.  It reminds me of the white guy that got on a bus to go to work and sat next to a guy who had a bad night, he decapitates the other guys head with a samurai sword!.

May his soul rest in peace.

A cow has fallen through the roof of a house in south-eastern Brazil killing a man and narrowly missing his wife.

The one-tonne cow was grazing on a hill behind the small house, in the town of Caratinga, when it stepped onto the asbestos roof, which collapsed under its weight.
Joao Maria de Souza, 45, was lying in bed when the animal fell on him.

He was taken to hospital and died the day after, reportedly of internal bleeding.
Mr Souza was conscious and appeared to be in a good condition, but he had to wait too long to be seen by a doctor, relatives said.
Local media says this is the third such incident in the region in the past three years.
There were no casualties in the two previous incidents.
In the first occasion, there was no one inside the house when the cow fell through the roof.
In the second incident, a baby and a small child were sleeping next to the spot where the animal fell, in what was described at time as a miraculous escape.

Caratinga is in a hilly area of Minas Gerais, a Brazilian state traditionally known as a cattle raising and dairy producing region.

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