Sad Loss! ...Pastor Tayo Adeyemi dies after a long battle with

"Show me, LORD, my life's end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting my life is". Psalm 39:4

As a Nigerian adage goes, " No matter how long we spend on earth, we will definitely leave it one day".
How or when we will leave this earth behind is what nobody knows. Sadly for pastor Tayo Adeyemi of New Wine Church, Greenwich, it all came to an end Sunday 30th June 2013.  After so long on a sick bed he has finally gone home to rest in the bossom of his Creator.

It certainly is a reminder to us all left behind to be careful, watchful and vigilant in all we do, for we never  know what tomorrow holds. About time we put our homes in order, to do that which we have been placed here on earth to do, so when death comes it does not come as a shock.  As a Christian it will be sad if you come and leave with nothing done and no legacy to leave behind.  Everyone is scouting online to read about Pastor Adeyemi today because of the legacy he left behind as an ambassador for Christ and a beacon of light to all he came across.

Have been familiar with Pastor Adeyemi from the early days with CCC Edward parish UK, where all his initial foundational members came from.  He has always been someone who loved God and had a passion for God's Kingdom.  As a human being we all have our weakness and Pastor Adeyemi wasn't exempt.  To some his volatile divorce from his first wife and the mother of his 3 children for a young Church Chorister does not count him as a pinnacle pastor.  All I say is everyone to his or her own opinion.

I initially raised concern about his illness SEPT 2012, that he was restricted mobility wise and the fact he was getting bigger by the day, so his sickness has been around for quite awhile and recently learnt this year that it was so serious he was on life support, from a degenerative disease called Motor Neurone Disease (MND).  At least now he has gone to rest.

I pray for the families that he left behind that the Lord will comfort them and bring them through this season of pain with the assurance that one day they will all surely meet again, never to depart.  I also pray for New wine Church that it holds firm in Faith, Strength and Spirit. Now is the test of time to see whether they will be able to uphold the Temple with the visioner gone.  Here is praying that the leaders don't start going after financial gains or power tussle and the ugly things some of the Nigerian Pastors are known for.

Adieus and R.I.P. dear Pastor Tayo Adeyemi

Bio: Full Name: Tayo Adeyemi Place of Birth: Leeds, United Kingdom Home Town: Parents: Siblings: Date of Birth: 1964 Date of Death: June 30, 2013 Marriage Status: Married Children: – 3...

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