Hmmm...So Sad or Predicted Doom? Nollywood Golden star Funke Akindele's One year wedding crashes out! ...see video

Love they say is blind!, What a shame is what I say, for the last thing you should ever let happen to 'your' LOVE is BE Blind!. My dearest friend I bind, paralyse and uproot any blindness that might want to strike your LOVE when it comes to relationship's  IJN.  In this advanced age that we live in, I would actually encourage you if you can afford it to get laser surgery for your own 'LOVE'  haha!.

That way, you will see clearly, avoid pot holes, de-tangle yourself from emotional on the spur actions etc. Marriage is the most difficult institution to succeed in. We now live in a modern age of promiscuity, social media grotesque soft porn explotion, self gratification world, major materialism and greed etc.

A successful Marriage takes continuous extra hard work from both parties on a daily basis, it takes love, understanding, transparency, tolerance, commitment, money, trust and God to battle strongholds just to survive. Its not the mills and boons fairy land tales, eternal bliss anymore! and you cannot afford to be under that kind of illusion if you are aiming for keeps in your marriage.

As we see in Funke Akindele's marriage, Love alone cannot make a marriage survive. Unlike God's agape love, human love is sensitive to its environment, discomfort, economic hardship, emotional abuse, marital abuse etc..

Back in May 2012 I had raised my concern about Funke Akindele becoming a 2nd wife to Almaroof, I mentioned what I thought will be the major obstacles and today my prediction came true.

Ironically she stared in a Nollywood film recently called 'Married but living Single', how true it was for her.

As one of my own favourite Nollywood stars, I wish her the best and say chin up girl, you go do your thing!

It has been confirmed, Funke Akindele and Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede are no longer a couple.
After staying mum on recent reports that she and her property developer husband of 1 year and 46 days have split, the actress released a statement via her publicist/sister Ayo Ola-Muhammed.
Read the Official Statement;
Dear Friends,
On behalf of our client, star actress, Funke Akindele, we want to formally inform you that after due consultation and consideration, she’s now separated from Mr. Kehinde Oloyede as his wife. She hereby urges her fans and all concerned to pray and wish her the best as she moves on in her career. Kindly note that this is the first and only official statement from Funke Akindele on the matter and will be glad if her wish is respected. Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Ayo Ola- Muhammed,
Principal Consultant
NEECEE Entertainment.

The actress recently had a short interview with blogger/journalist Stella Dimoko Korkus  on her through a telephone conversation. Read the interview;
Funke how do you feel now that your marriage has ended after just a year? You must be going through a hard time right now. People are laughing at you.
…….thank you for calling Stella. First of all let me clarify that I have not replied any sms or spoken to anyone on this development before now and neither have I threatened to sue anyone, I do not know who sent out that sms denying that my marriage is over, that was what necessitated me sending out a press release so as not to confuse the public, especially my fans whom I’m so passionate about. I’ve been unable to pick calls due to my busy schedule on set and I needed to settle down before picking any calls, so you called at the right time.
I will address this issue now and thereafter face my career and try to concentrate on the things i have on my plate at the moment…Yes my marriage has crashed.
Let the people who are laughing at me continue laughing, my job afterall is to make people laugh. Let those who are without sins or mistake cast the first stone. Let them continue judging me. God is the overall judge, he is the one I look up to.
I am shocked Funke. Why the silence all this while why? why Facebook?
It’s my private life, I know I am a public figure but I am entitled to some privacy at least. What has happened has happened, No one is beyond mistakes. I will take corrections from this and apply where necessary from now on. I bear Mr Kehinde Oloyede no ill feelings.

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