Tragic Horror! How I turned from Beauty to Beast 'disfiguredMy Face' taking slimming drugs online!.... Let's talk!

"Meaningless! Meaningless!" says the Teacher. "Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless." Ecc:1:2

Hmm! the month of August has been THE MONTH! for me. A Challenging month, an eye opener month and most of all an appreciative month. Appreciative and grateful because I live to tell the tale. There are so many things you and I take for granted, most of us grumbling through life complaining of what we don't have. Ah! I need to change my car, I need to buy new clothes, I need, I need, I need!. Never satisfied with what we have, failing to recognise that there some people who have nothing near to what we have, or even have all the money but no health, no peace and that is with all the money we are longing for!.
5 days after - I could open my eyez!

Recently I was admitted in the hospital for 10 days!. It was truly an eye opener for me and looking back now I think my maker must have intentionally sent me there because of my inability to value what I have. If you knew me well enough, then you would have heard me complain about my 'robust tummy'!.  Yeh people say I dont have, but every time I wake up and see the mirror that's the only thing I see. I run 5 days a week, do Zumba twice a week and lately joined the gym but it seems nothing is helping. Every time I eat or drink the tummy bloats up as if am five months pregnant!. (apparently its acid!.) So I turned to the internet and bought this health drug called 'Digestive Enzyme Complex'.

After taking it for 5 days, I started feeling pains in my left nostril!, my glands and my joints. Anyway thats where my story began, got to the hospital they couldn't figure out what triggered the allergic reaction and pumped me with antibiotics. Overnight I turned from Ms Glamorous to Ms Monster!. I couldn't open my eyes, my face had swollen up like someone with elephantiasis, my lips quadrupled and slanted as if I was having a stroke. The hospital staff went crazy, what could have happened. 
My Blessing!

I did every test under the sun, Xray, scan, brain, eye, all the lot, I couldn't leave my ward because everytime I walked around everyone was starring at me. Even the student doctor got the shock of his life when he saw me. After starring about 10secs, speechless and in shock he eventually asked me 'what happened'!. I said I don't know you tell me!.

One thing I realised in all this chaos was there is nothing like family. They are your backbone, your strength and your joy. Without mine I wouldn't have pulled through. They kept saying, ah! its getting better, its better than yesterday and the doctor will come and tell me, there seems to be no change!.  Then there some family and friends who you think they will be there for you and surprisingly they are waiting for you to drop dead!.

Above all this, I learnt to appreciate all I have been blessed with. When you get to the hospital and witness all the suffering around, the ones who cant eat because their throat has merged with their lungs, those who are in pain constantly, ah and the lady who farted every second and then says, 'so sorry, so sorry'! or even those who just cant sleep at all and no one to visit to say hello, In essence they are in pain and alone in the world. I guess the nurses must know what grace we have to be alive!..
Be grateful!

Today, I am a different person, everyday I wake up in peace, I thank my maker for the grace I have to witness a beautiful day, meet beautiful people and to have the privilege of having a loving family and friends around.

My friend and reader, I hope you have learnt from my story, don't do drugs!, especially unprescribed ones, appreciate yourself more and your family the most, above all have a grateful heart for if you are six foot under what can you do then? Absolutely nothing!.

PS: If you do end up in hospital always go for the kosher food- Mmm!

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