Tragically Sad! 46 yr Accountant Single mum Tolu Kalejaiye gets killed by own Son

A yoruba adage goes. 'Eni to bimo omo lo ma pa, eni o bi, omo naa lo ma paa!'.  Meaning as an African parent, when you have a child, you will always worry about them and if you haven't got them the worry of childlessness most likely bring early death.

The bible says our mandate is to be fruitful and replenish the earth. Hmmm! what is the point of having one who then ends up being the death of you. As a Nigerian in diaspora this is the dilemma we face within a culture and society restrictive to its nuclear family. In Britain, single mums are on the rise and raising a boy without a father figure alarmingly results in identity crisis.
Affiliating with Drug, gangs, armed robbers and Religious extremists. Sadly here is another story

excerpt Daily Telegraph

'Pleasant' accountant found dead in her four-bedroom home as son, 21, is arrested on suspicion of murder

  • Police were called to large £350,000 four-bedroom property in Wickford
  • Discovered body of 46-year-old accountant Tolu Kalejaiye at 10am today
  • Son arrested soon after by Essex Police officers and remains in custody

  • A son was today arrested on suspicion of murder after his mother was found dead in their home.
    Police were called to a large £350,000 four-bedroom property in Wickford, Essex, at about 10am where they discovered the body of a woman named locally as 46-year-old accountant Tolu Kalejaiye.
    Her son, who is aged 21, was arrested shortly after and remained in custody tonight. Neighbours said they had been told the mother was stabbed to death, but it was not confirmed how she died.

    We pray for her family that the Lord will comfort them. May her solu rest in peace

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