Pastor 'Man of God' says it was the DEVIL as he is caught printing FAKE MONEY! .watch video

Some of these 'Men of God' of these days should be really called 'Men of Shame'!. Every year it seems to get worse, with the high inflation, financial crash and high unemployment, the Church intake has been increasingly on the decline. Most people are aware of the Church tactics of syphoning money from the weak, hence the gullibility no more!.

I have heard of some Churches where you are required to sow something to get something bigger!. A lady I know sowed her one and only car to the Church in expectation for a bigger and brand new one, till today she is still legging it about town!. As if God is now a swindler or a 419er!.

To top it all is the master of it all. the 'Man of God' who just couldn't wait for money to come in from his church members. He decided to establish a 'money factory' in his home and make it a family business!.
When he was caught he said 'it was the work of the devil'!....

Then their is the Church parishioner who went to the famous controversial pastor 'sign fireman' and said he is fed up of life 'suffering and smiling' only for the pastor to say he knows a way out, all he needs is to get a 'virgins faeces'!.  Well in the process of this guy trying to get the virgin to do the 'number 2' and her refusal he strangled her to death!. It is this same pastor who had club like girls do his church advert.

Then their is the South African pastor who made is Church members eat grass, to become 'closer to God! I definitely know Nigerians are too smart to fall for this. Its animals that I know that eats grass, not human beings!. I just don't know what can possess a man or woman to render their brain powerless when it comes to 'Men of God'.  These parishioners ended up in hospitals the following day puking their guts out!..

These Pastors just wont kill us all!.

All I can say is.. God have mercy!

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