Chai!...Three women kidnap man, rape him and steal his semen only in South Africa!

I know I haven't written a blog in quite awhile but just couldn't resist this one!. This world is just getting crazier and crazier everyday. What is it that we haven't heard, last month its a pregnant woman who was kidnapped and her baby cut open from her belly by some wacko lady desperate for a kid. Or is it the mother that had her baby girl yanked from her by judge who says she is 'homophobic' and custody awarded to her husband who has now chosen to be gay with his gay wife or husband!.

Today its the xenophobic South Africa. I mean even for nollywood film, it never happens like this. Story goes, the guy was driving by, the three ladies stopped to him to ask for directions and then kidnapped him. They tried to rape him when his 'Johnny' didn't work they gave him local viagra to drink and that was it, the guy serviced all 3 ladies and took his semen in a cooler box!.  I beg even Nollywood no fit write film this good!.  The guy they say is 'traumatised'!.. I bet he is the envy of everyone in town.

For real I cant fanthom what is going on with the women, if it was naija I will say perhaps they need it for 'money ritual' but you can never tell, where they high on drugs and did it for fun, or were they 'lesbians' looking for free sperm, or the guy is a billionaire they are looking to blackmail in future.  I beg what do you think happened?

Wonders they say will never end!. LOL I beggie weyNollywood, Majid or Ramsey Noah !

read the story yourself

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