24 years in captivity! Evil Nigerian slavemaster Dr Emmanuel Edet and wife sentenced to Jail

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9

NHS doctor and wife guilty of holding 'adopted' son as slave in London.
  • Victim Ofonime Sunday Inuk looked after children, cooked and cleaned
  • Emmanuel, 61, and Antan Edet, 58, hid passport for more than a decade
  • Convicted of cruelty and slavery and will be sentenced

A mattress on the floor, cupboard under the stairs and list of chores: The horrifying life of an 'adopted son' kept as a SLAVE for 24 years by NHS doctor and his nurse wife after they smuggled him into the UK aged 14

daily tasks
Ultimate wickedness, this evil couple both deserve to be locked up for life. Haba!, even in Nigeria nobody treats there househelp like this. What I dont understand is if they have two grown up children what were they doing and how come the man was 40 yrs before he sought help from age 14 kept under lock and key, unpaid and no schooling. I am truly perplexed.
where he slept for 24yrs!

I have never heard of such cruelty before among the Nigerians in UK, did they not have friends visit the house, how could he not even have a room to himself or even a bed!. I bet they are Christians who go church as well. Thank God the guy lived to tell the story. Its all a law of karma, what you sow you shall reap and not forget its to their children's, children.

May God Forgive them all!


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